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After a first career in human resources, Esther dove with passion in the reflection on sustainability. Since 2006, she’s been assisting teams of all types of organizations in their sustainability approach. The approach she prefers when helping her customers is to work in close collaboration and hereby contribute to the reflection as a whole. She also likes to animate work sessions with managers and employees to surface innovative ideas and ensure engagement and cacacity building. Esther holds an MBA at McGill University, is a member of the Ordre des Conseillers en RH du Québec and was the president of the association Cataléthique during three years. She has been an associate for The Natural Step, is a certified Sustainable industries council expert.

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Jean-Sébastien Trudel jean-sebastien-trudelJean-Sébastien has been taking an interest in engaging managers towards sustainability since 2002. During this time, he has directed more than 40 mandates and has raised awareness of some 10 000 decision-makers to the concepts of sustainability. Writer and lecturer, he has published three books on sustainability. This consultancy work allows him to do what he likes most in life, that is taking part in teamwork from tangible data so as to imagine solutions and efficiently communicate the required actions for improvement. Jean-Sébastien holds a master in Environment from the Université de Sherbrooke regarding life cycle management, completed in co-direction by the CIRAIG of the École Polytechnique de Montréal. He also holds a bachelor in Commerce and a bachelor in Social sciences with a major in economic sciences, both from University of Ottawa. Cofounder of the Association des professionnels en développement durable (APRODD), he is also a recognized BNQ 21000 consultant. logo_linkin logo_twitter  

Brenda Plant brenda-plant Brenda has accompanied business leaders, pension fund managers, financial service providers and charities in the pursuit of their objectives in terms of sustainability and responsible investment since 2001. Brenda also founded and directed three social enterprises renowned in Quebec: Cataléthique, (a company that assesses the social and environmental performance of services and consumer products) and (an online encyclopedia of the best sustainability practices). Brenda was recognized by Elle Québec magazine as one of the women of the year 2009 and by Les Affaires as one of the 15 women that drive Quebec’s evolution. Brenda brings all this passion, creativity and credibility in her consulting mandates. Brenda holds a master in International management from HEC Montréal, and two bachelors from McGill University: Community organizing and Humanistic Studies. logo_linkin logo_twitter


Anne Lautier Since 2010, Anne has specialized in life cycle management in order to help companies and organizations take informed decisions and prioritize actions according to their main improvement opportunities. An expert in life cycle analysis of products and services, Anne has completed more than twenty lifecycle analyses these past few years. Her systemic vision allows her to bring concrete solutions that avoid the shifting of problems. During her mandates, Anne likes to combine a scientific approach with an original way of presenting results in order to facilitate information transfer. Anne holds a research master in Life cycle analysis completed at CIRAIG (Polytechnique Montréal). She also holds a bachelor in Process and environmental engineering from the INSA in Toulouse (France). [/one_half]

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